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Jan 16, 2014

Mighty Hybrids! Untapped Child Talents! Hardcore Cannibalism! Hysterical Deviant Hijinks on Public Axis with guest Matt Golightly!

Recorded at the Public Axis F-Stop on January 9th, 2014.

00:00 We welcome one of our oldest friends to the F-Stop, the magnificent Matt Golightly!  High school chats and Larry's minor resentment of Austin ensues.

16:44 Yeah, Imma Look Into Dat!  Jess puts the spotlight on an upcoming indie game title, Cuphead, a bizzare hybrid of classic 1930's animation and fierce run-and-gun. Stoked! Topic #1: What would be the ultimate hybrid – a mighty mix of ANY two things?

44:54 Dad's Corner(ed)! Larry was doing some responsible parent web-browsing and found a list of elite classes and activities for kids. Topic #2: What skill would you like your child to learn? (Or what skill would you would have liked to learn as a child?)

1:00:12 Hey, That's Not Funny! Regan delves into the deep and dark world of “vore”, a strange fetish where fantasies of being cannibalized manifested into reality a few times.? Topic #3: If you had to eat one person, who would you eat?

1:18:27 Another fantastic podcast ends with another fantastic session of What We Learned Today. Enlighten yourself!

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